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Developing a feature-rich Gen-AI platform for the UK’s leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure

About the client


The client is a leading global investor in sustainable infrastructure, casting their influence across the globe within a diverse spectrum of asset classes. These include Energy Infrastructure, Long Life Infrastructure, Digital Infrastructure, Real Estate, and Private Equity. Leveraging an extensive legacy of global business operations, the client has extended its footprint to an impressive network of 17 international offices.

Headquartered in London, UK, the client is steadfast in their mission to deliver consistently superior returns to their clients over the long term. Their investments not only foster financial prosperity but also usher in social benefits for investors, consumers, and the communities they touch.

  • 300K Lifetime questions asked
  • 2000+ Active users
  • 100K Threads shared

Business Situation

The client recognized the importance of embracing AI technology to empower their workforce and elevate operational efficiency. Their vision revolved around developing a pioneering platform that harnessed the transformative potential of generative AI. This platform was aimed at revolutionizing interactions within their organization, prioritizing security and elevating the overall employee experience by facilitating seamless interactions and enabling swift access to information within a secure environment.

To convert this idea into a market fit solution, the client was on the look around for a technology partner who could help them with strategy, technology, architecture, and other related aspects of development. This is where Daffodil Software’s expertise came in.

The key requirements were to:

  • Conceptualize, design, & develop a robust AI platform that is highly secure and accessible to authorized employees only.
  • Develop a scalable and robust architecture for the application which could help them scale at speed.
  • Design UI/UX to make interactions within the platform more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Enable efficient AI model training that would lead to enhanced employee productivity.
  • Integrate collaboration features to promote knowledge sharing among departments.

The Solution

After thorough research and collaborative discussions, both the client and Daffodil’s team mutually decided to leverage Microsoft AI (API). This decision was driven by Microsoft’s strong reputation for security and the availability of powerful tools that could meet the client’s specific requirements.

The developers swiftly implemented Microsoft Azure, and worked diligently to craft a feature-rich solution that aligned perfectly with the client’s unique needs and objectives.

React was harnessed for the front-end while Node.js provided the scalability and security required at the back-end. MongoDB, specifically utilizing Cosmo DB, ensured the safe and efficient handling of data. This tech stack formed the foundation for an AI platform that could meet the client’s stringent security requirements.

Portals developed for the client:


1. Web portal for Employees:

Team Daffodil incorporated a range of functionalities in the web portal to optimize interactions and establish a secure and efficient environment for communication. The AI-based portal encompassed the following key features:


  • Ask Query: This feature allows users to post questions / queries and seek answers. It served as the primary channel for interacting with the AI platform.


  • Thread: The “Thread” feature allowed users to navigate and review previous conversations, ensuring a seamless and continuous experience. Users could easily refer back to earlier discussions or messages, maintaining context and facilitating efficient communication.
  • Search: To facilitate data retrieval, the portal featured a powerful search function. Users could quickly locate specific information or previous conversations by entering relevant keywords.


  • Delete Chat: Users could delete chat histories with other users, ensuring a level of control over their interactions and data privacy.


These standout features provided the AI-solution with the competitive edge it required. The application incorporated context-specific inputs, allowing users to provide a background, along with their respective roles within the organization. This approach created a suitable context and scenario, enabling the AI to deliver precise and relevant responses.


2. Admin Portal

The admin portal offered a suite of features and functionalities designed to streamline administrative tasks and ensure a seamless management experience for the client.


  • This portal empowered administrators with the tools and insights necessary to efficiently supervise interactions, monitor system performance, and make informed decisions.


  • Administrators could easily manage user logins and access a dashboard that showcased total numbers of users / active users, employee details, last interaction dates, questions asked, and chat history, among other relevant information.


  • Reports, such as monthly and daily statistics, were also readily accessible through the admin portal, offering valuable insights into system performance and user engagement.
  • Additionally, the inclusion of the sort & filter function allowed users to categorize and organize data effectively. This streamlined information retrieval, enabling users to find relevant content effortlessly.


  • Furthermore, all the features available on the employee’s web portal were seamlessly integrated into the admin portal as well, providing administrators with the same powerful set of tools.


This comprehensive suite of features ensured that administrators had everything they needed to effectively oversee and manage the platform.


The Impact

The client's vision of a pioneering AI platform became a reality, delivering transformative results that exceeded expectations. The shift to Microsoft Azure ensured top-notch security and exclusivity, aligning perfectly with the client's commitment to safeguarding sensitive data.The user-friendly portals resulted in a remarkable enhancement in employee productivity while the efficient knowledge-sharing features facilitated departmental synergy, leading to increased innovation within the organization.The collaboration with Daffodil Software resulted in the successful implementation of a feature-rich AI platform, leaving the client highly satisfied and reinforcing their position as a forward-thinking leader in their industry.

  • 300K Lifetime questions asked
  • 2000+ Active users
  • 100K Threads shared

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