RPA in Banking & Financial Sector

Improve performance, processes and profitability of your banking and financial institutions with our advanced RPA solutions and eliminate inefficiencies and errors.

Our Banking & Financial RPA Solutions

Account Payable Management

Equip automation solutions with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to streamline the monotonous processes of extracting vendor information, validating it, and processing the payment. OCR reads the vendor information from the digital or physical copy and transmits it to the RPA system, which, in its turn, validates the information and processes the payment.

Customer Service Operations

Provide better user experience to customers and reduce the operation cost, the financial institutions can implement omni-channel customer support automation systems that are able to automatically answer calls, emails and chat requests, perform client verification, handle basic support requests and route advanced cases to appropriate human personnel, saving all interactions in the log and capturing client’s feedback.

Credit Application Processing

Customizable solutions that pull data from various sources, including credit bureaus and other public institutions, provide online credit applications forms, input ratios and period-to-period comparisons into the credit scoring model, and generate approvals/denials in line with the predefined parameters.

Revenue Collection

Capture more revenues with less collector effort by automating repetitive, time-consuming steps in the collection process, like notifications, follow-ups, contact lookups, call documentation, doc prep, and much more​.

Customer Success Stories

Services That Set You Up for Success

Covering the entire gamut of custom software development to help you solve complex business & technology challenges in the most pragmatic manner.

product engineering

Custom Software Engineering

Turn your vision into a market-fit product; developed on-time and within your budget.

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Smart Teams

Hire dedicated full stack developers to accelerate your project or bridge skill-set gaps.

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Digital Transformation

Implement a digital-first business strategy to boost your efficiency, CX, and revenue.